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Sound Partners for Community Health seeks to increase public awareness of specific health issues and facilitate citizens' involvement in making decisions affecting health care by fostering partnerships between public broadcasters, community organizations and additional media entities. By utilizing a variety of programming and community engagement techniques, the alliances supported by Sound Partners helps equip individuals to participate in community problem-solving around local health issues. Sound Partners is a program of the Benton Foundation and funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Sound Partners Gets Mics Out Into the Community (Current 2002)

Four years later, the project lives on, not only in occasional rebroadcasts but also as a 60-minute audio tape that listeners can buy for a nominal fee (the money goes to a local hospice). "It is timeless, although I didn't design it that way intentionally. But people are still wanting the program to guide them through palliative care and pain management," said Froelich.

National Advisory Panel

An independent panel of content, programming, and outreach specialists advises on project development and the selections of final grant proposals. The panel is composed of individuals with expertise in health, journalism, public broadcasting and outreach as listed below:

Guidelines for Submitting Media Clips

All Sound Partners grantees may submit clips for streaming on this website. Please review the following guidelines.

Role of the National Program Office

Sound Partners has become a laboratory for a wide range of broadcaster and community collaborations. We ask broadcasters and partners to draw on their combined strengths to produce innovative programming and outreach activities designed to inspire and invigorate their communities. By blending their distinct voices and resources, and inviting new ideas and audiences into the mix, partnerships elevate the level of dialogue to confront and solve the health care problems facing their communities.

What Listeners and Viewers Are Saying About Sound Partners Projects

What Listeners and Viewers Are Saying About Sound Partners Projects

Local Voices: Listening for Solutions

Eight Sound Partners grantees share how community/media collaborations impacted their lives, their organizations and their communities.

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